Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the premiere cocksmen of his or any other generation. The actor constantly makes headlines for dating and/or banging supermodels. At this point it would be easier to point out the Victoria’s Secret models that HAVEN’T been rumored to have been involved with DiCaprio.

But this piece of news from his time in Miami during Art Basel is some next level shit.

An eyewitness tells the New York Daily News that early on Sunday morning, DiCaprio left popup version of 1 Oak at Rec Room in South Beach with every single woman partying in the VIP section.

“He left with 20 girls,” the eyewitness claims. “Leo and 20 girls. He is my hero. He was overflowing with models everywhere. [Joe Jonas] looked scared, like he was going to drown and suffocate in the women. His face was hilarious.”

That’s the kind of power move only DiCaprio can pull off.