Up to now, the trailers for the new Destiny expansion, The Taken King, have been all scary music and big bad boss monsters. But in the latest look at the game, we’re reminded that Destiny is all about kicking ass with friends.

The new trailer, which shows some gameplay instead of all the (admittedly sweet-looking) space cutscenes of the previous one, does a great job of pushing excitement for teaming up with a couple of friends and blasting everything that moves with an assault rifle. A little “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin sets a pretty great mood, and gives the whole thing less of an overwrought Star Wars vibe and moves it a little more into Guardians of the Galaxy territory.

In fact, Destiny could stand to pick up some more of a Star Lord vibe. Developer Bungie should take the opportunity to turn that robot that follows you around in the game into a floating speaker. Then release a mixtape of ’70s tracks perfect for trouncing a god—I’d definitely pay extra for that.