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“Women who skateboard do it for the same reason men do it: because we love it. Skateboarding holds a universal truth. It always starts with you and your friends riding at your favorite spots. It’s about hanging out and having fun. For some reason, and for too long, there has been a perception that the only type of athlete worth sponsoring in this sport is a man. I hope to be a part of changing that. We all have physical and mental characteristics that can turn into strengths or weaknesses. How they define you is up to you.”

“The only thing your sex defines is the role you play in making babies.”

Skateboarder and three-time X Games gold medalist Leticia Bufoni will compete this month at the 2016 X Games in Austin.

Styling by Turner for The Wall Group
Hair and Makeup by Sara Cranham
Videographer: Eric Longden