As you might imagine, we get some interesting email. This one definitely caught our eye. Usually it takes an article or photograph or cover to provoke the public’s ire, but in this case all it took was one single snail mail subscription offer to “cause a question of doubt of who we are and how we stand for Godly convictions and principals” in one household. This woman’s name has been changed to protect her identity. Original spelling and grammar – and it is all quite original – are hers.

My name is Betty Smith.

Today my husband received an invitation to subscribe to your filth through public mail delivery.

NOW, first of all this is a Christian home; if you have no idea what that means, we are followers of Jesus Christ. Being His followers we do not involve ourselves and our lives in this type of debauchery or anything that would remotely cause our Christianity to be brought in question and bring a reproach to the Lord; we are very particular to guard our Christian faith, being a mirror that reflects our Lord. Your disgusting filth has just cause a question of doubt of who we are and how we stand for Godly convictions and principals. I don’t take that lightly and I will be taking action because of this.

Pornography is the most damning and destructive, life destroying industry in this nation, invading the heats and minds of men, women and children. It has been directly connected to serial killers, murders, viscous attacks on women and children (little boys and little girls). How totally disgusting and disturbing that Playboy would feed off of such debauchery, just filthy evil.

I praise God my husband has NEVER, EVER been into pornography, oh how I praise The Lord for that. Not because it would ever causes me to question my womanhood, I am very content with who I am and what I am, nothing shakes that at all. My grateful heart far exceeds how it would affect my womanhood (which it wouldn’t) but how it could devastate and destroy my husbands life, praise God that has never been an issue with him or in our home. Sadly this vile debauchery has destroyed lives, and families.

Now, here is what I am going to do because of this vile invasion into our home causing us emotional distress and embarrassment by us receiving this type of putrid vomit through public mail, causing our integrity to put on public display, I am getting an attorney and see exactly what I can do because of what YOU have done to us.

Completely livid, disgruntled and beyond upset, I am,

Betty Smith

We suspect we’ll get a much different letter from her husband.