If your Playstation 4 is acting funny, don’t rule out that a snake might have climbed inside it, died, and become an unholy cyborg fusion of video game console and reptile.

That’s what happened to one PS4 in Brazil, according to a story from CNET. After the Playstation stopped working for reasons unknown, its owner called an electrician for help. Cracking open the Playstation to get a look at the components, the electrician discovered that a snake had melted inside the machine, its tragically superheated corpse literally burning onto the Playstation’s circuit board.

Video game consoles, like regular computers, get real hot inside. That’s usually why, especially in the last few generations, they’ve been so loud—there are big fans are working all the time to get the hot air out of your Playstation or Xbox so the thing doesn’t catch fire and turn a fun day of Call of Duty into the worst day of your life, and not just because you keep getting killed by that kid with the dual shotguns. So a snake might have thought it seemed like a cozy den for a minute or two, but apparently it couldn’t even move fast enough to escape its fiery torment.

Meanwhile, the bug report given to the electrician had the owner mentioning a “strong smell,” and one has to wonder how they managed to cook a snake alive to the point of melting inside a video game machine without noticing anything might have been amiss. Like, no smoke? No small fire? No escaping soul of Voldemort? Nothing?