Nursing school, work and modeling has kept September 2010 Coed of the Month Lexi Ray busy as of late. We caught up with Lexi on Wednesday for our latest installment of Facetime. Be sure to check out Lexi in the new Coed House Party feature.

Hyder Pirwany: Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?Lexi: *In school for nursing and probably still in Atlanta. *

Chris Ward: How did you get into Playboy?Lexi: *I heard about a Casting Call when I was living out in San Diego. The Casting Call was out in LA at the Mansion and I decided, “What better opportunity?” Obviously, it went well. *

Martin Grobler: What does the tattoo on your foot mean?Lexi: **The tattoo on my foot is a sparrow, and sparrows to me are freedom. I like flowers, too, and it also has a heart, so follow your heart.**

Alex Martinez: What’s in your CD player? Top five albums?Lexi: *I actually don’t buy CDs nor do I listen to anything on an iPod. I listen to the radio only and Pandora. You’ll never find CDs in my car. I normally just listen to different genres. *

Ryan Jason Stiffler: What do you do beside modeling?Lexi: **I work at a nightclub and other than that I like going to the lake and hanging out with friends.**

Robert Mason: If you could change one thing about your self what would it be?Lexi: **I’d probably get some boobs.**

Kayla Laskey: What’s your favorite part of your body?Lexi: **My legs. I just think they look great.**

Ethan Baumgarn: What’s your favorite hobby?Lexi: *I’d say scrap booking. I’ve got all the supplies but now I’ve just got to get back in it. *

Justin Lee Beam: Do you have any more ink?Lexi: *Just the one on my foot and the one on my inner hip, which is a heart with wings. That was my first one. I got it the same day I went skydiving. *

Kevin Johnson: If you could have one super power, what would it be?Lexi: *I’d really like to fly. *

Demos Kalliades: If you had three wishes what would they be?Lexi: *To have my own island, cure cancer and have plenty of money in the bank. *

Clay White: If a man cooked for you what would you like?Lexi: *The perfect medium filet, a twice baked potato, grilled zucchini and some sweet peas. *

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