I remember watching an interview with Pat Riley from when he was head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers in the late 1980’s and he said something quite interesting. After winning back-to-back titles and repeating as champions of the NBA, Riley expressed how much harder it is to stay on top than it is to get on top. Once you’ve got that bullseye on your back, everyone is looking to take you down. Just take the recent Ronday Rousey fight as an example: she was the top dog in the league, and then someone came along and knocked her right out.

The only person I can think of who has a total and absolute strangle-hold on their domain is Lexy Panterra, the un-official world champion of twerking. This girl doesn’t just twerk; she has a fitness program based around it, she has over 400,000 followers on her company’s account and over 500,000 followers on her personal account, almost half a million YouTube subscribers, and she even has her own app. That’s a lot of success derived from butt-shaking.

Lexy just put out yet another video to solidiy her spot at the top of the twerking list. May the videos keep coming out and may her reign last forever.

Here’s some more from Lexy’s Instagram accounts:

#freestyle #twerkout #twerk #dance Download the Lextwerkout app in your App Store ! @lexypanterra

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Some ab workouts 😉

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Download the Lextwerkout app! Available in all app stores !

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Photoshoot day

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🏁 @twerkout @sammyschwaa

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💪🏽 @twerkout Song by me bish #lit 🔥

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@twerkout #lit available Link in bio Live online class tonight 7pst www.lextwerkout.com

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