Noted potty mouth and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (via [Flickr user Daniel X. O

Noted potty mouth and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (via Flickr user Daniel X. O'Neil).

F#$*ing liberals.

Researchers from Queen Mary University, who were no-doubt really, really bored, have determined that left-leaning Twitter users are more likely to curse than their right-wing counterparts.

The study focused on “nearly a million tweets from over 10,000 Twitter users” sent during June of 2014. Those users included in the research followed either the Republican or Democratic party Twitter accounts. Apart from indicating their political persuasion, the fact that these users followed a political party also suggested they were very, very lame.

Researchers found that conservative-leaning Twitter users were more likely to use religious terminology such as “God” and “psalm” while those on the left were more likely to use “fuck” and “shit.” In fact, the two curse words were both among the top 20 words used by liberals (once the most common English words were removed from the data).

The study also claims that liberals are more likely to use words such as “I” and “me,” while the use of “we” and “our” is more common among conservatives.

“The results closely matched our predictions based on existing understanding of political supporters’ psychology,” said Dr. Matthew Purver, co-author of the report. “This means we could use Twitter data in the future to better understand people’s behavior and personality, while also using psychological research to understand more about Twitter users.”

I bet understanding the psychology of your average Twitter user could prove very useful.

Then again, maybe not.


That does make much more sense.

In closing, please enjoy these videos of politicians from both major parties cursing.

(Source: The Telegraph)