Going back to school is always a bit of a bummer. Don’t get me wrong, school should be a privilege and nobody should complain about it, but it still signifies the end of summer and it’s something you’re now committed to doing every day rather than lounge by a pool drinking a beer. I get it, it’s kind of a drag.

If you’re a student of Oregon State University, however, then your return to campus after a long, enjoyable summer should be a little bit more welcoming thanks to Kendra Sunderland. You remember Kendra, don’t you? She’s the super hot blonde who rose to Internet fame by diddling herself in the library. Last week she made some headlines again when she finally received her sentencing for the personal library vid. If you’re one of the 100k+ people who follow her on Instagram, which you should be, then you’d have seen the warm welcome she gave to all her fellow classmates.

Yup, I wouldn’t mind studying with her.

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