You probably read that headline and figured this app was some sort of dating app, or perhaps an app to help guys with their confidence while talking to women. If you thought that, then you’d be wrong. You see, Lickster is an app designed to help men improve their oral skills—in the privacy of one’s home, or even in a cafe or on a crowded subway. Its goal is to teach men (and, we assume, women, although something tells me women have a better idea of what they’re doing) how to perform cordon bleu cunnilingus on their partners in much the same way you would improve your footwork with the help of Dance Dance Revolution.

Here’s how it works:

My first reaction upon watching that video: I certainly hope you cleaned your screen first.

Unforunately, Lickster is just a spoof and can’t be found on the iOS or Android app stores. The video is brought to us by The Kloons, a hilarious YouTube channel of dudes making absurd stuff. That’s a shame, since I’m sure a lot of people could benefit from Lickster.