For February’s Stone Age-set, sabertooth tiger-training game Far Cry Primal, publisher Ubisoft created a life-size animatronic woolly mammoth. Unlike in the game, it can’t give you rides. What it can do is use its awesome might to crush everyday objects.

Just putting weird stuff under the Clive the Mammoth’s giant foot and watching it get flattened, Gallagher-style, seems like it would be fun enough, but Ubisoft partnered with YouTube video makers the Slow Mo Guys to apply their titular talents to filming the mammoth. The result is exactly what it sounds like—slow-motion mammoth foot crushery. The video nails that mesmerizing, scientific quality of seeing the physical laws of nature, specifically those involved in something being absolutely annihilated by a huge heavy thing, at work.

Clive can use his incredible strength to crush things like TVs, watermelons and Christmas ornaments, but there’s one thing he’ll never be able to destroy: the burden of knowing that he, displaced in time, will never truly belong in our modern world.