Never one to veer away from going full throttle, in her latest bold move, Lindsay Lohan has wiped her Instagram account clean. Lohan’s photos disappeared, leaving only her management’s contact information, a hand emoji, and the message “Alaikum Salam,” which now fills her account bio.

The Arabic expression, an Islamic greeting, translates to “and unto you, peace.” It is the expected response when one is greeted with “As-Salaam-Alaikum,” meaning “Peace be unto you.” Both expressions are common greetings, frequently utilized in Arabic-speaking countries.

Instantly, upon seeing this phrase, the world began to speculate, hypothesizing the actress has converted to Islam. En masse, Twitter followers welcomed her to the religion.

Lohan has made subtle suggestions over the past few months she could be embracing the religion. For example, this past June, she was spotted holding a copy of the Quran (a gift from a friend). In a recent interview with CNN Connect the World, when speaking with CNN’s correspondent, Becky Anderson, Lohan stated=), “I went through a lot with holding a Quran in Turkey, and it was a support system to me, a spiritual belief that I found, and a respect for culture.”

However, by featuring the greeting and opening dialogue, she is subsequently shifting focus on an area highly deserving of attention: her humanitarian work, work with refugees, current events, and political climate. Recently, she has focused much of her energy to on-site humanitarian work, recently spending time in Syrian refugee camps in Turkey.

When speaking with CNN’s Anderson, Lohan stated the importance of getting hands-on, immersing oneself in an experience in order to understand it. In discussing her humanitarian work with refugees, Lohan explains: “You have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. I can’t speak on anything that I haven’t actually lived through, and I’ve lived through a lot in life. So, getting on the ground, getting your hands dirty, going, and then discussing it after, so you know what you’re talking about. You have to go there, learn the statistics, the land, the people, what they need.”

Therefore, it is not surprising for Lohan to have developed an interest in the religion while overseas, perhaps causing the actress to study and embrace. What we know for certain is that her sultry photos have disappeared, and the world will have to wait to analyze her next unpredictable move.

The purge has also applied to her Twitter account, which was cleared of all but 42 TK tweets. Those clamoring for the classic, seductive poses for which Lohan is known, supplied by the actress, may still turn to her Facebook page, silent from March 24, 2015 until November 2, 2016, but remains intact for now.