Lindsay Lohan says that Grand Theft Auto V used her likeness without her permission. And she’s suing for it. Still.

A New York judge ruled Friday the case would move forward, overruling a motion from Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games, to dismiss the suit. That means that for the time being, the suit is going forward.

Take-Two might have a strong argument against Lohan’s allegations because she’s a well-known public figure and the game could well be considered satire, but the motion to dismiss the case focused on a different argument: Namely, that the character Lacey Jonas in the game is not, in fact, based on Lohan, and doesn’t look like her.

However, New York State Supreme Court Judge Joan Kennedy ruled that, since Lohan vehemently disputes Take-Two’s claims that she’s not the basis of the character, and since it’s in Take-Two’s interests to claim otherwise, that’s basically the substance of the case—and so it needs to be decided in court. Kennedy also rejected a motion to dismiss that claimed Lohan had failed to file before the statute of limitations on her claim had run out.

So the suit is still on, much to the chagrin of Take-Two and, apparently, GTA V voice actor Ned Luke, who took to Twitter to voice his displeasure at Lohan’s allegations in the suit—in a most civil and eloquent way, of course.

Via Polygon