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Exit Clear

Lindsay Lohan Shows Off Her Sh*tty Photoshop Skills to Look Skinny

Lindsay Lohan is a former child star and former drug addict. We’re not really sure what she’s doing with her life at the moment. We do know that about a month ago she tried to cause a big stir online when she posted an obviously photoshopped picture of her butt. Looks like no one from Adobe came to Lindsay’s aid, as she decided to tweet out another picture of her clearly doctored waistline. Take a look:

Twitter, @LindsayLohan

Twitter, @LindsayLohan

This one’s a little more subtle, but if you look in the background, you can tell there’s something not right with her stairs:

girls lindsay lohan photoshop again

Either she lives in a house designed by Salvador Dali, or Lindsay’s really trying hard to make the world think she’s hot.

Also, she actually looks really good right now. That’s what happens when you decided to add more things to your diet other than cocaine.

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