When news broke on Thursday that Joss Whedon would be directing a Batgirl movie for Warner Bros., you could almost hear it: the sound of a thousand agents picking up their phones, hoping to get their hot young clients an audition for what just became one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood.

But no matter which young ingenues end up vying for the chance to play Barbara Gordon, they may have to form a line behind Lindsey Morgan. Thanks some to some impressive online sleuthing, iO9 has made the case that the 27-year-old star of The CW’s The 100 may have already been cast, or is at least in the pole position.

Two weeks ago, Morgan tweeted the following:

Now of course, Morgan could be referring to anything, especially since she’s a star on the rise and probably has a bundle of exciting opportunities on the horizon. But since then, she’s actively retweeted any and all news stories linking her to the role. To be fair, Hailee Steinfeld did the same thing for an Entertainment Weekly story that proposed her for the role.

Various Twitter users also pointed out that the head of DC films, Geoff Johns recently started following Morgan on Twitter. Hmmm.

The pot of cold water on this fire is of course, Whedon. The Avengers director likes to have his hands in all the pots, so it’s highly unlikely that the lead of his new franchise would be cast without him having a say. Unless he’s been secretly involved with the projct for weeks, and Warner Bros. only decided to make it official yesterday, Morgan’s casting seems a bit far-fetched.

That being said, please cast Lindsay Morgan as Batgirl. The Latina star would add some much needed diversity to a super hero landscape that’s looking awfully white these days. And, if you take a look at her Instagram, you can see that she’s already got the frame of a super hero, so the studio would save money on a personal trainer.

So let’s just go ahead and make it official: The Lindsay Morgan as Batgirl campaign officially starts now.

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