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Dude, J.J. Watt could be waking up to this every morning!

Ugh, it’s so sad. Lindsay Pelas is officially over the Houston Texas defender, admitting she has a “short window” and the good dude didn’t climb through. These are tragic words to hear after her admission of infatuation only a month ago.

“I think he’s so cute. He’s tall and goofy in a cute way,” the mega-superbabe confessed back on that warm August day full of hope, before laying down every modern man’s dream words directly to Watt: “Slide in my DMs.”

In 2015, that phrase is the invite. If “Netflix and chill” is home plate, then “Slide in my DMs” is at least first base. “Slide in my DMs” is on par with “Pick me up in your Camaro and take me to the drive-in, but make sure the windows are tinted” in the summer of ‘69.

See, I like J.J. Watt. Not only is he tough enough to tackle without a helmet and funny enough to carry his weight in The League, but he’s honest enough to admit he can’t find a girlfriend, a truth that makes this whole thing all the more heartbreaking. I just want the guy to be happy, and now I have to spend the rest of my life knowing that J.J Watt’s one-day deathbed wish will obviously be to have slid into the DMs of one, Lindsey Pelas. Anyway, juuuuust in case you forgot what she looks like over the course of these tiny paragraphs, here. Here is what our beloved J.J. Watt is missing out on.

Squuuuuuadddd 👑 #heatwave

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Oily bum 💦😵

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