Lindsey Pelas and Abigail Ratchford are two of the most important women you can be following on Instagram right now. Both of them look great in front of a camera and are not afraid to post sexy pics on their accounts. And while they’ve taken pictures together in the past, now they’re stepping it up to a whole new level.

Earlier today, Lindsey and Abigail made a couple of eye-catching Instagram posts. Apparently the two of them are working together on a video shoot, and the results will becoming out in the near future. Based on these posts, we cannot be more excited about it.

That’s a wrap ✊ Glammed by @josecorella 💗👄

A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

Also Lindsey posted a couple of pics on her Snapchat of the shoot. Again, we’re really excited for this video to come out.

By the way, did exclusive shoots with both Abigail and Lindsey. Check out the videos from both of those shoots.

First, watch Abigail Ratchford get sexy in the pool:

Now watch Lindsey having some fun barbecuing in a backyard

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