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Exit Clear

Lindsey Pelas Celebrates Her Birthday With Her Awesome Cleavage and Going Topless

Lindsey Pelas is the greatest thing to happen to earth since dirt, trees and water. Yet, every year we celebrate Earth Day and we still do nothing about Lindsey’s birthday, which just passed this week.

The busty bombshell gave us all a present for her 24th birthday (what a kind, generous lady) by posting this pic to her Instagram page. Her generosity only increases with age. Isn’t she marvellous?

Everyone should make sure to do their part and wish Lindsey a happy birthday. Even if it isn’t her birthday, just wish her one for good measure because she deserves it. Here are some more pictures of Lindsey Pelas, because, honestly, why the hell not?

Sleep late Saturday. Getting some energy to be productive (aka shop) w @Fittea #FitTea 😘

A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

Imagine being the people over at Fit Tea? You sent this person some product or possibly even paid her a bit for promotion, and THIS is the post you get? Imagine how excited you’d be? I bet Fit Tea sold 20 million units that day.

Lil mama’s so dope I fucked around & got addicted💀 #sideboobsunday

A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

I’ve tried to wear my own image on a shirt before. I did NOT go as well as this.

When you can’t eat bananas w/o looking erotic. #WHOOPS. 🙈🙊🍌

A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

Would you give up life and become a brain-less, heart-less inanimate object to become that banana?


A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

Hola. 🙈

A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

Dream about this. #goodnight 🌙 @geaphoto

A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

Sorry (not sorry) mom. #thuglifechoseme

A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

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