JJ Watt is one lucky man. Besides being one of the brightest young stars in the NFL, winning awards and accumulating accolades left, right and center, he’s also known as a cool guy off the field. He does charity work, he hosts events, he’s great in interviews, and he even acts in some hilarious videos. Apparently, he’s also got one very important admirer. Lindsey Pelas, the busty queen of Instagram, has taken notice of JJ and, according to her quick chat with TMZ Sports, has a message for the Houston Texan: “Slide into my DMs”.

Pelas’ thoughts on Watt: “I think he’s so cute. He’s tall and goofy in a cute way.” That is such great news, because I’m tall and goofy in a cute way too! There’s hope! Ok, he’s 6"5’, 290 and I’m 6"3’, 260. And maybe he’s in slightly better shape. And maybe he’s slightly more athletic. And maybe he’s slightly wealthier and more famous. And maybe his “goofy” style consists of being charming and hilarious, where as mine involves accidentally wearing different color socks. That just means that there’s a way crappier Lindsey Pelas out there for me too! Honestly, a crappy Lindsey Pelas is probably still fantastic.

What does a bad Lindsey Pelas and a bad slice of pizza have in common? They’re both not that bad.

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