Lindsey Pelas is one of our favorite women on the internet, and anyone who’s ever checked out her Instagram knows why. She takes some of the sexiest selfies the social media world has ever seen. It’s hard to believe we don’t post about her every single day on this website.

Yesterday, Lindsey posted a new pic on her Instagram as she was preparing to have dinner. Her outfit was quite scandalous for someone just getting ready to dig into some chow. Take a look:

A little selfie in the kitchen before dinner never hurt anyone…. 😏 #whowearsabratodinneranyway

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UPDATE: Lindsey Pelas Posted Another Pic on Twitter Today

She also added the hashtag “Who Wears a Bra to Dinner Anyway” to her picture, which is really true. Who wants to wear a constricting piece of clothing as you’re about to dig into a big plate of spaghetti? We absolutely approve of Lindsey’s advocacy to ditch the bra before supper, and we hope other women on Instagram (and real life) follow suit.

For the record, we think Lindsey Pelas looks pretty good in her bras as well:

No makeup & chill. 😌

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Everything’s adding up, you been through hell and back That’s why you bad af 🎶 👸

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A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

Sunday vibes. @blumphotography #fuckmakeup

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