Everybody who I’ve shown Lindsey Pelas to (which is a lot of people, I like to spread the word of her existence as much as possible) doesn’t believe me. They think there’s no way those things are real. It’s just too mind-boggling that someone so fit and so slim and so pretty can have such massive boobs like that, they assume. Well, there’s a reason she reffers to herself as “genetically gifted”.

One sure-fire way to confirm that they’re God-given is how they move. Have you seen her dance? They jiggle and bounce so much that if she isnt careful she may knock herself unconscious. It’s the litmus test that proves any doubter wrong. In the wise words of that girl Jerry was dating in Seinfeld; “They’re real and they’re spectacular.”

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Here she is on a trampoline:

And here she is playing with a hoola-hoop and doing some jogging:

Her life must just be constantly bouncing. Anyways, here are so more still photos before you get too hypnotized:

Enjoying my final days of 2015 ☀️☀️☀️:)

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