Recently I watched a documentary about athletes and what they do after retirement. It’s an interesting concept, because we all watch these guys and follow their careers, and then they suddenly retire and we never hear from them again. But what’s crazy about it, is that we lose track of them at such a young age. We’re fans during their playing career, which is usually between the ages of 20 and 35, and then poof! They’re gone, out of the limelight by the ripe age of 35(ish) with a whole new life ahead of them post-athletic career. Some go into broadcasting, some go into coaching, while the majority of them just fade into obscurity and make for good “Where Are They Now?” pieces.

This got me thinking: the same situation is true for adult film stars. Once their “playing days” are over, which is approximately the same age as an athlete, then what’s for a gal to do? Some have gone on to create production companies or get involved in the industry from a business standpoint, while others dive into other careers. A lot of them become moms and start families once they’ve made their dough on camera.

This brings us to the Michael Jordan of adult film: Lisa Ann.

If I did box … It would look like this! 💋

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Following her illustrious adult film career, where she racked up more accolades than I can even mention in one article, Lisa dove head-first (yes, that was a bad foreplay pun) into the world of fantasy sports. Yep, you heard that right. Your favorite, large-chested adult film star now hands out fantasy sports advice on Sirius XM radio. This isn’t a gimmick, either. Lisa is serious about her sports.

Seeing my name on the 🏆 Awesome! Time to defend the title! #FantasyFootball

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#Toronto at the Rogers Center ⚾️

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Just ME & THE Trophy today at #SiriusXM #NBAPlayoffs 🏀

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That was absolutely amazing! #BucketList #NCAAChampionshipGame 🏀

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#ihatechristianlaettner premiere #30for30 @espn Grant Hill & Christian Laettner making me look extra short !

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From balls and bats to bats and balls. Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba.