The gaming world is in full-on Martian demon mode this weekend as the upcoming reboot of shooter classic Doom goes into a closed beta test, allowing players who pre-ordered to get an early look at what blasting each other with shotguns and tearing out demon hearts will be like.

To celebrate, one supposes, publisher Bethesda released a live-action trailer for Doom, featuring the new super-armored version of protagonist “Doom Guy” (yup, that’s how he’s known) and some computer generated adversaries for him to liquefy.

It’s a fun trailer, if a little hokey. Apparently nobody remembered the lesson wrought in celluloid by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Karl Urban the last time somebody tried to give Doom a live-action take: CGI demons look kind of, well dopey. Still, if a hearty dose of metal music, lighthearted wanton destruction, and rending hellspawn into jelly is your bag (and really, whose bag is it not), you’ll likely find that Doom is looking pretty slick.