I have no idea why people like to jump off buildings and do rolls and probably break a ton of bones, but I’m glad they do, because they make phenomenal videos like this live action Mirror’s Edge tribute.

Video producer Cladiu Voicu leveraged some formidable free-running talent to create this “Real Life Time Trial” video based on the EA game Mirror’s Edge and its newly named not-quite-sequel, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. All it took was some slick editing, five runners, a GoPro, filters that recreate the look of DICE’s 2008 first-person action-platformer, and eight months of work, according to Voicu’s blog.

Voicu effectively captures exactly what’s great about Mirror’s Edge in the video, even throwing in a bit of combat (although he keeps it light, just like the first game should have). Thankfully he skipped all the times you miss a jump and fall to your death in the game.