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Today is the highly anticipated 2014 Midterm Elections as several state’s governor races and the Senate majority hang in the balance. Starting around 6:30 PM EST/ 3:30 PM PST, Playboy will begin live coverage of all the important races from our “war room” in Beverly Hills. We’ll be eating takeout and tweeting and blogging annoyingly astute commentary throughout the night (or until we’re out of beer) at @Playboy.

Some of the things to look for tonight:

Who will control the Senate after tonight’s elections?
And will it be decided or will run-offs in Louisiana and Georgia mean we don’t know who’s in charge until next year?

Which long-time Washington establishment figures will lose their seats?
Out with the old, in with the new.

How often does Fox News bring up how unpopular Barack Obama is?
And who will give us such beautiful moments as Megyn Kelly’s 2012 investigaton deep into the Fox News warroom to see if Mitt Romney maybe, just maybe, had actually won.

How does MSNBC try to blame the election results on something other than Barack Obama?
Over/under 15 times the phrase “leftover from the Bush administration” is used tonight.

Who will be the first major politician to cry on national television?
Scott Brown maybe be brawny, but he looks like a crier.

Before the Midterm results start filing in, brush up on all the important topics we’ll be covering including why winning the Senate majority doesn’t really matter, independent candidates who can actually affect the races as well as independent candidates who are out of their goddamn minds.

For more generalized political articles, you can check out our interview with Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig who’s trying to create a Super PAC to end all Super PACs and our interview with former Montana governor and possible 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Brian Schweitzer from the November issue of the magazine.

So head over to @Playboy starting around happy hour (which apparently begins at 3:30 PM in Los Angeles) and check out our where we’ll break down everything important that happens throughout the night.