The first thing we see Wolverie do in the second trailer for Logan isn’t brandish his claws or chomp a cigar. He’s parenting, of all things—trying to quell the violent tendencies of a lethally intense girl named Laura (Dafne Keen). She turns out to be a fellow clawed mutant who represents more than just another person who needs saving; she’s also Wolverine’s last chance at a family.

In Logan, Hugh Jackman’s curtain call for the iconic role he’s played for nearly two decades, Wolverine is broken. He’s hiding out with a dying Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart, regal as ever), drinking himself into oblivion and waiting for the end, until Laura arrives. The first trailer for the film highlighted Logan’s damaged side, but this one puts him firmly on the path to redemption, trying to save his surrogate daughter, and his soul, against a bleak near-future backdrop that’s the perfect metaphor for the state of this battered character. Judging by this trailer, it feels like exactly the right way for Jackman to go out.

Logan arrives March 3.