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Lola Kirke Hates Paul Ryan, Proves It

Lola Kirke Hates Paul Ryan, Proves It: Valerie Macon / Getty

Valerie Macon / Getty

Lola Kirke would like you to know how she feels about Paul Ryan and trust, her feelings are not positive. Since the House Speaker confirmed the despicable decision that Republicans will be blocking federal funding for Planned Parenthood, the Mozart in the Jungle star has been wearing her small yet potent “Fuck Paul Ryan” pin everywhere and with everything.

First, she wore it to W Magazine’s It Girl luncheon on Saturday.

The next day, she afixed it to her lapel for the BAFTA Tea Party.


A photo posted by Lola Kirke (@lolakirke) on

And finally, she rocked it as the ultimate accessory (along with unshaven armpits) at the Golden Globes. Bonus points for the pin being color-coordinated to her dress. For more of Kirke’s outspoken attitude, check out her No Filter interview here.

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