Long-distance relationships could involve a lot more making out with the help of Kissenger, a new device that attaches to your phone so you can share a kiss via the internet. A company called Lovotics unveiled the remote kissing tool at the Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots, held in London this week. Kissenger uses six mini-sensors to read and replicate kiss motions and pressure. The silicone mouthpiece is designed to feel like human skin, and sends the “tele-kiss” both ways in real time.

Kissenger isn’t available to the public yet, but engineer Emma Yann Zhang worked on the prototype. She told the conference audience, “Kissing is the most direct and universal expression of intimacy and affection. It’s a way for us to bond and maintain intimacy in our relationships.”

While long-distance couples can already see and hear each other via video chat, a company video says, “Skype lacks the intimate closeness only a loving kiss can provide.” Kissenger creates a more authentic connection by adding a third sense: touch. The team is also working to include scent capabilities in the device, enabling users to smell the person they’re kissing.

While Kissenger is primarily intended for use between humans, Lovotics hopes that in the future, the robot lips will make it possible for people to share kisses with their favorite virtual characters. You may not be able to lock lips with those beautiful Final Fantasy women just yet, but you can watch two gadget testers experiment with Kissenger here: