South Park never made its way onto the original Xbox console—but it could have, if a certain half-made relic had ever been completed.

As Kotaku reports, there was a South Park game in development two whole generations ago, but it went unannounced and then abandoned in an incomplete state. No one ever knew about the title, until the folks at YouTube channel Happy Console Gamers got ahold of a particular Xbox “debug” kit for developers that had an unfinished, buggy version of the game saved within. Portions of it are even playable.

A debug kit is an Xbox created specifically for developers so they can test games as they’re working on them (hence the coding term “debug”), and this particular unit was discovered by Nintendo Age forum moderator qixmaster. Apparently, the South Park game in question was in development by a studio called Buzz Monkey Games out of Oregon. That company was later purchased by mobile and Facebook game-maker Zynga. The version of the South Park game saved on this particular Xbox may well be the only one still in existence.

Check out the video above for some more backstory and to see the game in action—complete with placeholder text and artwork, like objects marked with words like “Stan’s House” and “gravel” to indicate what they should be when they’re eventually finished. There’s even a bit where Cartman breaks out some kung-fu to fight dogs, weirdly.