Video game advertising in the 1990s was pretty ridiculous. When actors in commercials weren’t getting blasted in the face with the intensity of video game graphics, they were usually shouting words like “extreme.”

We like to think things are a little less hokey these days, but every so often we get a look back at how goofy they used to be. Just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider, just such a portal into the past has been opened, in the form of a short film made for the launch party of Tomb Raider III.

Somehow, after it was first shown in London the video disappeared—until the its producer, Janey de Nordwall, rediscovered the short recorded on an ancient piece of media called a “Digital Betacam tape.” It chronicles the story of a guy so obsessed with Tomb Raider games, he thinks the series’ protagonist, an extremely angular and polygonal Lara Croft, is his girlfriend. There’s a whole police interrogation. It’s very believable.

There’s more Tomb Raider stuff coming from developer Crystal Dynamics in 2016 to celebrate the series’ 20-year history, but it’s doubtful anything still to come will be this great.