Hey Ubisoft: if there are dogs in your video game, I damned well better be able to pet them.

I’ve enjoyed my time with Tom Clancy’s The Division so far, especially my adventures in the “dark zone,” where the brave band together and allies and strangers can at any moment turn on you and take your stuff. But every time I see a dog running around the snowy streets of plague-riddled New York, I’m reminded that the developers broke the above rule—which I consider to be a cardinal tenet of game design.

Ubisoft understood this when they made the excellent Far Cry Primal:

So why can’t I pet the dogs in The Division? There are tons of them. They’re everywhere. And yet the only way to interact with them is to shoot them. (If you shoot them, we can’t be friends anymore.)

Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton and I discuss—and lament—in the video above.

Mike Rougeau is Playboy.com’s Gaming Editor, in charge of all things video games. His coworkers are very sick of hearing about his dogs. Follow him on Twitter @RogueCheddar.