For years, the most popular game played in South Korea’s ubiquitous internet cafes has been League of Legends, the online team-based multiplayer game that has become a huge force in eSports all over the planet.

But today, there’s a new king of the net cafe. And that king is Blizzard’s team shooter Overwatch.

Korean tracking site Gametrics keeps tabs on who’s playing what in the country’s internet cafes, and discovered that Overwatch has dethroned LoL—30 percent of people are playing the former, 27.8 percent playing the latter. League nearly held the title of most popular for four full years, topping Gametric’s charts since August 2012.

The shift fits with the Overwatch narrative of surprising, meteoric ascension: Blizzard reported last week that some 10 million people were playing the game. Pretty good haul for a title that’s just multiplayer battles on a small batch of maps. It is, in fact, a strangely addictive game.

Korea has a massive competitive video gaming scene, which is a big part of why League is so popular, as are games like those in Blizzard’s StarCraft franchise. In fact, before League’s ascension, Korea was gripped by StarCraft fever for more than a decade. And that game is still very big in the country, with professional leagues and even televised matches.

Blizzard has aspirations for Overwatch eSports as well, and is adding a more stringent competitive mode that’s set to drop pretty much any time now.

All that to say, now’s your chance to get good before all those kids hanging out in Korean net cafes start really dominating.

Via Gamespot