It wasn’t the Ring of Power that would destroy (this immaculately sweet map of) Middle-earth…it was the new occupants.

You can just see it in his face: “They told me I shouldn’t draw this on the wall. ‘You don’t own this place, Milhouse. Why would you do it?’ Because all those who wander are not lost! Because I wants it! Because finally being accepted into the OfficeMax managers training program and getting my own sweet pad means that I’m a grown up, and grown ups make their own damned decisions. So I Sharpie’d the fuck out of this wall, in a testament to the true hero of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: Samwise Gamgee. If he can shoulder the burden of keeping Frodo on the path of righteousness, then the least I could do is honor the Journey of the Nine by tattooing it on my crib.”

The last day in the apartment was the worst day.

(Via Tumblr)