Earlier this week, a New Zealand website posted the theory that a small Instagram account solely about onion rings was secretly run by Lorde. Newshub’s evidence was pretty convincing, so when Jimmy Fallon interviewed the pop star on The Tonight Show last night, he inquired about the mysterious matter.

After a few dramatic sighs, she said, “Here’s the thing. I naively didn’t realize it would be, like, a thing, that I was going to different places and trying the onion rings at each of those places.” When rumors about the account first started spreading, Lorde took it down, but she told Fallon, “I’m still going to keep eating onion rings. They’re my favorite.” She has plenty to say about the tasty fried snacks in the following clip:

During her TV appearance, Lorde also performed “Perfect Places,” the second single from her new album, Melodrama, which is out today.

While @onionringsworldwide is no more, Lorde’s official Instagram, @lordemusic, is still going strong. Here are a few of her recent pics:

pretty bright out #BBMAs #riccardosbloodcollectionidie

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come give grandpa a kiss!

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