Earlier this year the NFL announced that the St. Louis Rams were relocating to a new home in Los Angeles, a move that left many in “The Gateway City” angry. Now a billboard strategically placed at a busy L.A. intersection is adding insult to injury.

The sign, which was commissioned by a local clothing company, boasts the Rams’ colors of blue, gold, and white and contains no official names or logos. It simply shows a small football, a short welcome message and the words “Los Angeles > St. Louis.” Obviously, it’s that last part that has some St. Louis fans pissed off.

Of course the negative reaction of St. Louis fans has not deterred the company.

And why should it? The dickish nature of the billboard, and the media attention its received as a result, are the entire point. And of course, there’s the fact that St. Louis stole the Rams away from Los Angeles back in the day, so you could argue that the Rams’ recent move is karmic payback, and the billboard is justified.

But even so, watching a company in L.A. troll a city that was recently named the most violent in the country by the FBI–and that has had a rough go of it these last few years–is still hard to watch.

Source: Fox Sports