At Los Feliz Day Care, the 3-year-olds have names like Kai and Tallulah, they’re aren’t immunized, and they’re already in therapy. While this may sound like a real establishment in any city’s Los Feliz equivalent—that neighborhood where the rich keep it real with $12 smoothies without sacrificing lifestyle essentials like Porsches—this daycare is the satirical invention of L.A. comedian Jason Shapiro. Sick of yuppie parents and their good intentions, @LosFelizDayCare (with the bio “We do not accept immunized children”) unites the parents and teachers of the fictional nursery school, where every child is a special snowflake whose parents are both earnest and anxious, and ultimately seem more concerned with teaching ethical consumption and passing on one’s own artisanal tastes than real parenting.

Here are some of Stone’s best Tweets, his updates live from the school’s immunization-free zone’s headquarters: