Louis C.K. wears many hats: He’s one of the best standup comedians alive and he’s an incredible writer, actor, director and editor of his FX television show, Louie. One thing he’s not, however, is a great tweeter. After saying a farewell to Robin Williams on August 12th, he didn’t use Twitter again until Oct. 2nd to say, “I seriously can’t think of anything to tweet #sorry.” And then the next day plugged his latest special available on vinyl.

But today Louis may have restored his social media reputation with an incredible series of tweets exploring the relationship between Earth and Mars, the Big Bang and the origins of despair. It’s pretty great.

The only tweet I doubt is the last one.

Joseph Misulonas is an intern for Playboy.com. When not stalking the twitter feeds of famous comedians, he occasionally tries to tweet something funny himself at @jmisulonas.