Via [Inside Edition](

Via Inside Edition.

The University of Louisville basketball team’s prostitution scandal has taken a turn for the stupid.

A student at the school is now suing Katina Powell, the prostitute who allegedly provided strippers and escorts to basketball players and recruits, for damaging the future value of her degree. According to WDRB, the law suit is “seeking class action status on behalf of the student body.” IBJ Book Publishing, the company behind the book, is also named in the law suit.

Kyle Hornback, the student in question, claims that Powell’s “malicious, willful, wanton, and outrageous” behavior has hurt her future job prospects, thereby limiting her ability to pay back student loans.

Hornback’s attorney, Nader George Shunnarah, said the entire school “has been damaged as a result of the actions of a criminal,” adding that while her book itself is protected under the 1st Amendment, Powell does not have a right to “promote and profit from prostitution” and “does not have the privilege of damaging UofL through illegal acts and thinking she can profit from it.”

No word yet on whether Hornback plans to sue the coach accused of paying Powell for the…um…services rendered.

(Source: WDRB)