I listen to records. A lot. I have a decent-sized collection of jazz, classic rock, modern releases and more I won’t bore you with listing. I enjoy the ritual of grabbing a record, dusting it off and gently dropping the needle of my 40 year-old turntable. I like listening to entire records from beginning to end.

But Yves Béhar, a designer from Herman Miller and SodaStream, is betting that not everyone likes playing records this way. He wants to turn the turntable literally on its head. The Love, a record player that has already surpassed seven times its goal on Kickstarter, is a record player that, rather than spinning the record, spins a needle counter-clockwise over the surface of a stationary record.



Why? Well, first of all it just looks cool. The Love is a beautiful object complete with touch sensitivity. As for why else, well, I’m stumped.

Here’s how it works though: place a record on its base and then attach Love on top. The player floats above the record, only dropping a needle into tracks rather than placing its weight on the record (which would be very bad for your vinyl’s health). The device then scans the record surface for tracks and allows you to skip to whichever song you want, something most record players can only dream of doing. In addition, the Love promises built-in wireless technology to stream audio directly to Bluetooth speakers. If that’s not enough, there will even be an app you can run on your smartphone to play, select tracks, and even change the order of songs.

It’s clear that with digital music, Spotify, Apple Music and the like, people have grown used to being able to skip songs, beam music to Bluetooth speakers, and just tap a button to do what they want to do. The Love accomplishes all of that in spades while looking like a cool gadget you’d be proud to have on your media stand.

You can still pre-order the Love for $319 on its Kickstarter page (as of writing this, only 94 are left) before it jumps to $599 when it launches next fall.