Of course you need a leather coffee mug.

Loyal Stricklin’s Aviator Mug is a simple design: a glass Mason jar wrapped in Horween Chromexcel leather. As hot coffee warms the leather from the inside, that distinct hide smell seeps into every one of your sips of java. Take the experience to-go by screwing on the Mason lid and hooking the leather handle to your backpack. The leather is water- and stain-resistant and the jar is removable for easy cleaning. Imagine how great this thing will look after you age it for a few years.

The leather mug is available in three different colors; it is cut, sewn and dyed by hand in Opelika, Alabama. Get your made-to-order mug from Loyal Stricklin for $29.

Alyson Sheppard is a writer and hangover specialist at Playboy Digital. Her work has appeared in Popular Mechanics, Mental Floss, McSweeney’s, National Geographic Adventure, Jezebel, and more. Follow her on Twitter: @amshep