Breathe. Just…breathe

Try not to freak out, but today it finally happened: A trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrived.

The wait was getting kind of intolerable, and not just because Star Wars fans are an impatient lot. The first trailer for The Force Awakens landed more than a year before that film’s release, and when that didn’t happen for The Last Jedi (hell, we didn’t even have a title until January, 11 months before the release date), the wait may as well have been forever.

Now, thanks to this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration, the teaser is here, and it’s atmospheric as hell.

We’ve got Rey training with Luke on that mysterious green island. We’ve got a loving, ever-so-brief look at Carrie Fisher’s Leia standing, resolute and powerful, at her command console. We’ve got Finn still down for the count, Poe springing into action, Kylo Ren wielding his lightsaber, new ships, new worlds, and more. And unlike the first Force Awakens teaser, which basically just presented a series of images, we also got a couple of massive plot teases.

The first is those books, sitting in a beam of light in a place of both honor and isolation. They’re clearly old Jedi tomes, and we can guess that Luke is the one who preserved them, but we’ve never seen the Jedi hovering over old dusty books before. What secrets do they hold?

The second, of course, is that final line: “It’s time for the Jedi to end.” WHAT?

The film is called The Last Jedi, of course, but the idea that Luke would do that by choice makes the title all the more pregnant with meaning. At first, it sounds a little defeatist and pessimistic, but think back to earlier in the trailer, when he tells Rey that what she’s seeing is “so much bigger” than a balance between light and dark. Maybe the Jedi aren’t just destined to end. Maybe they’re about to evolve. At any rate, brace yourselves for about 17,000 fan theories picking that moment apart even further.

Star Wars: The Last jedi arrives December 15. Here’s the gorgeous first poster.