What is there not to love about this adorable video of actress Lupita Nyong'o chatting up Sesame Street’s Elmo about the nature of skin? Not only does the Academy Award winner manage to look gorgeous standing next to a puppet, she also champions diversity with just the right amount of subtlety for children.

But Nyong'o is also representing for the old heads — literally — with a haircut straight out of early 90s hip-hop. Forgive my terminology, but I believe she’s rocking a sort of faded, almost-Gumby, with a stylish, half-moon Caesar part — once a popular combination, as seen below on many a rapper from that era …

… on Tupac

… on Jay-Z

… on Brand Nubian’s Grand Puba

… on Rakim

… and, in its extreme form, on De La Soul

(via Vulture)