After making their foray into erotic fast food, Burger King has now announced that it will bring back the famous/infamous Mac N’ Cheetos. These mozzarella sticks are truly the pinnacle of gastronomic engineering, using a deep fried cheeto crust to conceal a bite of macaroni and cheese.

As the country watched in awe when Burger King tested the bounds of chicken consumption with Cheeto Chicken Fries, they have returned to their trans-fat Cheetoey roots. If you are desperate to elope once again with your forgotten sodium-overload of yesteryear, you won’t have to wait much longer.

According to Uproxx, these heart stoppers will be available May 18th. Rejoice all you wannabe fast food sommeliers!

Regardless, these cheetos probably go down a lot easier than our cheeto president’s policies.