Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the best films to come out in 2015. Aside from having incredible visual effects and stunts, the film, which was nominated for ten Academy Awards, also touched on bigger themes, such as female empowerment and environmental issues. But when you really break it down to its core, Mad Max: Fury Road was a road trip movie, albeit a completely f’d up, dystopian one. Furiosa drives away from the Citadel and then drives back to the Citadel.

In any good road trip movie, an important co-star alongside the human actors is the cars, and Mad Max: Fury Road excelled in this category. In addition to vehicles capable of suspending flame-throwing guitar players, the movie featured numerous vehicles that are the stuff dreams (or nightmares) are made of. While it was great to see the cars marauding across the wasteland covered in dirt and grime in the movie, it made it difficult to appreciate the true beauty of the custom automobiles. Fortunately, Australian photographer John Platt had a chance to give the Mad Max: Fury Road cars the glamour shoot they deserved.

Platt photographed more than 20 of the cars, trucks and motorcycles from the movie in a studio. The vehicles are free of any dirt and beautifully lit so that you can see all the incredible detail in the unique designs. In addition to capturing the cars as a whole, he also dove in to shoot some of the close-up aspects that the average filmgoer never would notice. In fact, after looking through the pictures, it makes you want to go and rewatch the movie again.

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