There are plenty of blockbusters to get excited about in the coming months, from Avengers: Age of Ultron this Friday to Star Wars: The Force Awakens right before Christmas, but when it comes to which one I’m anticipating the most, Mad Max: Fury Road wins through the sheer ferocious energy of its trailers.

Every single trailer for this flick has been met with a full-on internet freakout by a legion of action movie fans who can’t wait to see it, and I’m one of them. Now, the “official final” trailer is here ahead of the May 15 release, and it’s just as packed with bonkers road warrior awesomeness as the rest of them. Plus, we get the best look yet at Charlize Theron putting her robot arm to work on the goons of the wasteland.

To be completely honest, all you had to do to promote this movie to me was say “Charlize Theron is a road warrior with a robot arm,” and I’d be there with bells on. So the trailers are just a kind of bonus. A beautiful, chill-inducing bonus. I mean, just look at this