Mad Max: Fury Road opens tomorrow, and it’s a Damn Good Movie. I mean, a Really Damn Good Movie. It’s a face-meltingly amazing action masterwork that had me levitating after my press screening, and I’m definitely not alone. What I’m getting at here is: Go see it, thank me later.

Making an action movie this good, this imaginative, and this massive in terms of the sheer scope of the production is hard work, though, and in Fury Road’s case things were particularly rough. The cast and crew spent 120 days shooting in Africa’s Namib Desert to capture the film’s Wasteland look, and if you don’t think that’ll make you cranky, just trying doing your job in a desert for four months. The working conditions ultimately led to rumors of a rift between stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, which couldn’t have made things easier for director George Miller.

While he hasn’t addressed his relationship with Theron, Hardy did take some time at a Cannes Film Festival press conference today to apologize to Miller for being “frustrated” during the making of Fury Road. According to IndieWire, here’s what he said:

“Because he’s orchestrating such a huge vehicle, literally, in so many departments, because the all the vehicles are moving and the whole movie is just motion, I have to apologize to you [looking at Miller] because I got frustrated. There was no way that George could have explained what he could see in the sand when we were out there… I knew he was brilliant, but I didn’t quite know how brilliant.”

So, this movie is so good that when Hardy saw what Miller had orchestrated, he felt the need to apologize for not basking in the man’s brilliance sooner. More proof that you should go see Fury Road.

As for Hardy, he’s off to hunt for another action hero to play, and he’s apparently already got his sights set on The Punisher.