The protagonist of the Mad Max films has some baggage, what with his family having been murdered in front of him and his constant struggle to survive in the post-apocalypse wasteland. In a similar position is the pill-popping alcoholic cop leading the Max Payne games—murdered family, lots of tragedy. Make sense to mash the two characters together into one super-sad nothing-to-lose gun-toting anti-hero.

That was the plan for Madrid filmmaking team Zapruder Pictures, which created a fan film that puts New York’s most dangerous Mafia-crushing cop in the middle of the Wasteland. It’s complete with a few of the staples of the Max Payne games—gritty narration, comic-like presentation, slow-motion dives of dual-gun devastation—but with the crazy zealot warboys of Mad Max: Fury Road, among other additions.

The only major difference between Max Payne and Mad Max is that, while Max is fine with speaking in grunts for most of his latest outing, Payne fancies himself a philosopher who won’t shut up. Both are damn good at not dying while also shooting folks, though.