There are only two episodes of Mad Men left, and many of the show’s most devoted fans are still furiously working to predict exactly how the show will end, and what it will all mean. In certain corners of the internet, Mad Men fan theories have become almost as famous as the show itself, and the more outlandish ones range from the idea that Megan Draper would be murdered by the Manson Family, to the idea that Don Draper would help Nixon to fake the Moon Landing.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was on Conan last week, and was asked which of these many and often equally absurd theories he finds the weirdest, and it turns he actually could pick just one.

“I’m not gonna dismiss it because I want people to watch the show, but the strangest theory I’ve heard is this D.B. Cooper theory,“ Weiner said. "People think that Don is going to become him.”

While Weiner wouldn’t dismiss the idea of Draper turning into the legendary hijacker, he did rule out one conclusion (“People think it’s gonna end in a plane crash, which Lionsgate would never pay for.”), then turned to one other popular, if less serious, fan theory. For years, Mad Men fans have wondered if the show’s opening titles — in which a man in an office building plummets down through a sea of ads — would ever actually become literal in the form of Don or another key character jumping out of an office window. Weiner’s aware of that theory too, and he brought a little "exclusive clip from the series finale to prove it.” Check it out:

Mad Men will air its final two episodes — in which Jon Hamm presumably turns into a watermelon and/or invents the concept of Gallagher — on May 10 and May 17.