Are you on the fence about whether or not to see Magic Mike XXL? Please consider the following facts before making your decision: The sequel is a lighthearted road trip romp vs. its darker, grittier predecessor; it features former NFL star/current daytime talk show host Michael Strahan in gold booty shorts and, lastly, thanks to a few key, carefully-choreographed dance sequences, is the perfect date night appetizer for you and your lady.

Need further convincing? Please allow the following conversation with XXL newcomer Stephen “tWitch” Boss to assist. We meet Boss’ character Malik when Mike (Channing Tatum) and the guys — while en route to the annual stripper convention in Myrtle Beach — make a stop at an exotic entertainment palace owned by Rome (Jada Pinkett Smith), who has a bit of a history with Mike. Playboy recently sat down with the So You Think You Can Dance alum, Ellen Show DJ and aspiring actor to discuss the fun he had with the role and why you will be smart to see the film with a love interest, along with what dancing advice he has for the rhythmically challenged, and his take on our Sexy Lucky 7.

I’ve been telling all the gentleman today, this movie is the best tease for straight women and gay men. I took two girlfriends with me and we were all texting our significant others, “When I get home, you better be awake.”
I’m so glad you said that. People ask, “Why should a guy go see this movie?” And I’m like, I’m not saying this is the perfect first date movie by any means, but this movie could shift the mindset and the emotion to a feeling that could be beneficial. You have to be smart to not rule this out.

Is there any difference in how men and women talk to you about the film?
Males are a little bit more apprehensive in their curiosity. “I don’t know if I’m going to see it.” Females are very proud: “I’m going to see it.”

Was there one particular day on set that was more surreal than others?
It’s hard to pick a day. The first time I heard that they were going to do a sequel, I put it out there that I had to be involved. In my own mind, I was like, “I’m going to be a part of that” and things sort of fell into place. Definitely the finale: Watching everyone’s performances, watching the extras react to the performances— it was genuine, all-natural enthusiasm.

When men ask you about dancing, what is the most common issue or problem people want addressed?
When someone doesn’t know how to dance, my advice is always, keep it simple. You don’t have to go above and beyond, keep it simple enough where you can move with your lady while you’re dancing. You don’t have to do anything to show-off, she just wants somebody to move with her.

What about for people who are, shall we say, rhythmically challenged?
That’s hard. Finding rhythm is a whole different problem.

What was your first encounter with Playboy?
It was when I was nine years old and I was at my cousin’s house and we found his grandfather’s stash. As a boy that’s mind-blowing. Nothing was ever the same. I remember the exact room, the exact day.

Sexiest movie you’ve ever seen?
What comes to mind right now is Unfaithful with Diane Lane and Richard Gere. If you look at the attraction, not from the moral standpoint, but the two of them played that incredibly sexy. Diane Lane, she embodied it.

What’s the sexiest food?
My mind immediately goes to strawberries, but the thing about food, it’s not like it is in the movies where they set it up so when you take a bite out of something it’s really sexy. In real life, it’s not really that sexy because you are ripping the flesh off something with your teeth. For me there’s not really anything sexy other than the fact that you’re eating. And when they do it in movies I find myself looking at their teeth like, “Their mouth is too big for that strawberry.”

What’s your pop-culture blind spot?
The Kardashians. I just don’t get it.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Janet Jackson, 100 percent.

What is the sexiest song of all time?
“Anytime, Anyplace,” that’s a great one. D'Angelo, “How Does It Feel.” Then there’s also TLC’s “Red Light Special,” R Kelly’s “Are You Ready” or “Bump ‘N Grind.”

What is the dirtiest joke you know?
There is an older couple in their 80s, it’s a Saturday night around 10:30pm. We go into the bedroom, we see the husband lying in bed, the wife is in the bathroom getting ready for bed. She comes out wearing only a robe — and she opens it and she’s butt naked. And everything is sagging, everything. She whispers into her husband’s ear, “Super pussy” and he turns around and goes, “I’ll take the soup.” [Laughs]