Dakota Johnson and shirtless Jamie Dornan can have their BDSM and complicated love shit, I’m going to go with male strippers and the other shirtless dude of 2015, Channing Tatum, this Valentine’s Day. The epic Magic Mike XXL trailer starring Tatum was released today, and yeah, you could say my mouth dropped heavily to the floor of my cubicle.

Like did you see him do that? Did I also mention my desk is surrounded by posters of nude Playmates? This is a rare gift if I’ve ever seen one. The last film ended with (spoiler alert) Mike making the rather safe choice to leave exotic dancing to focus on his dream of becoming a furniture designer. (Yeah, okay. Whatever.) The beginning of the trailer shows Mike hard at work building something, but Ginuwine’s “Pony” has the ability to make any white person break out in a dance routine, so of course Tatum couldn’t resist these invisible magic powers.

The film is set to open in July and will easily bring in the same kind of cake that Mike’s on-stage pony dance. The first 2012 box-office smash raked in $167 million, and it cost a mere $7 million. I guess you really don’t need that much money when you can just rent out a sleazy strip joint and let Tatum do his thing.

And the best part about the franchise (besides a great deal of shirtless, sweaty men) is the fact that Steven Soderberg is the creative mind behind the franchise. He directed the first Magic Mike, and even though he handed off the director’s hat to his longtime producer Gregory Jacobs for the sequel, he’s still serving as both the director of photography and editor.

Tatum may not be one of my favorite actors, but you have to admit, the dude can dance. Happy Wednesday, lady readers of Playboy.com. And you know, guys that appreciate fantastic dancing.

Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant at Playboy.com. She is absolutely horrible at dancing. Follow her on Twitter.